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After the updates of Samsung Galaxy Watches with the latest Firmware, there is a bit problem, where users can’t change their region. It is probably a security measure by Samsung. However, if you are interested in messing around your Samsung Galaxy Watches and wanted to change its region, especially for the 4.2.9 update, then you can follow this guide.

Note: This guide is made by a community online, and is the mixture of all different online guide on one thread. Hopefully, this will be able to help you in anyways, and if you have any problems click on the link here to ask for more information, and thanks “tiaanels” for the guide!

Do this at your own risk. Remember that this might lead to bricking your device, and We hope that by reading this article beforehand, you are aware of the danger updating your firmware without experience.

What you need:


  • Hold the Home Button until you see the rebooting popup.
  • Immediately start pressing the Home Button again until the recovery option appear
  • Home button again to scroll down, and press the “Download Mode” (Wireless Mode)
  • Hold the Home Button again for some time until the black screen appears
  • At the download mode screen now, press Home Button again until the connection type changes to AP
  • Check your wireless network in your computer, and you will see a new open network that will appear showing the model number of your watch, connect your system to the network
  • Open NetOdin and you will be able to see that NetOdin Shows Connected
  • Click on AP in NetOdin and select the file from the combination firmware, and make sure to untick “AUTOREBOOT” Option before pressing start
  • Once you see pass status in NetOdin, press reset, Select CSC, and select the CSC file location in the stock rom file, also make sure you unchecked “AUTOREBOOT” before pressing start
  • Once you see the pass status in NetOdin, hold the home button on your watch until you see rebooting splash and then Immediately start pressing the Home Button again until the recovery option appear
  • Drag down to recovery and keep pressing on the Home Button until Black screen appears
  • Your watch should have start normally, and after that go to settings in your watch, turn on wifi, and connect to your wifi, remember the IP
  • Go to – about > Software version, and tap it continuously to enable developer mode.
  • Restart your watch

Open SDB and do the following (If you didn’t have SDB download it first, if you have problem with SDB click on this forum

  • SDB Shell
  • SDB Connect [Your watch IP]
  • SDB Shell
  • launch_app

Then Choose XFA on the watch, and it will restart. After that Go to Wireless mode again with the step above.

In NetOdin select the BL, AP, CSC from the stock rom, but you don’t need to untick the “AutoReboot” option.

Unpair the watch in your phone Bluetooth settings, and delete the galaxy wearables app, the watch will restart and ask you to download the Wearables app. Do it and set up the watch, however, DO NOT UPDATE the watch when the app asks you to.

Inside the Wearables app, go to Samsung Pay first, and set it up, as you have done previously from the start. You will have to pair your cards again and get SMS confirmation from your bank.

The app will ask you to finish the setup on the watch, holding the top side button on the watch, go through it and see if your samsung pay is working. Only after that, you can UPDATE YOUR SOFTWARE FROM THE WEARABLES APP. 

This will change your CSC / Region Code.

Again, this guide is made by the lovely “tiaanels” so if you want to thank someone, thank him/her for making this detailed guide on how to change your CSC code.

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