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Mobile Legends is known as a popular MOBA game with lots of content. However, that doesn’t mean that the game is perfect, because as the popularity grows, so is the community, and there is always that one person that is going to ruin everybody’s experience by using a cheat. Thankfully, Moonton has implemented a no sympathy system where any users that use a cheat, script, and 3rd party installation will get banned almost immediately (After some in-depth   Cheat such as “Connection Problem”, “One Hit Kill”, even something as simple as “Drone View” are some of the cheats that has been going on. Of course, there is a risk to it, but what if I told you, that you can use a bug in Mobile Legends to cheat without any risk? Well, don’t believe me, read all of this article.

Basically, this bug will let you use a drone view cheats without using any cheat at all. This bug can easily be triggered, and currently, mobile legends haven’t patch it yet, so you will be able to fully use it without any problem. There are 2 ways to activate this cheat, but you will need Luo Yi to activate it.

  • Recall, and cast ult when the recall is finished. Based on the video above made by one of Mobile Legends YouTuber, Luo yi will be able to activate this buff, if you are able to use ultimate at the end of recall. This happened so fast that you almost need luck to do it. If you are successful, while you are using your ultimate, the map shouldn’t change at all, and when you cancel it, the map will automatically be drone view.
  • The second way is by getting any crowd control skills while casting the ult. This is much easier, you only need to attack the lord, and then use your ultimate until it can knock you up. After that, the bug will activate by itself.

Do note that while using this bug, you won’t be able to use basic attack at all. Your ultimate will also be bugged where it will only arrive in the middle of the map every time. To cancel the bug, simply take any crowd control skill, and you will be free of the bug.

This bug will be able to help you in some way, for example from ganking. You can see your opponents, heroes, from afar and tell your teammates about it. You can also spot the enemy’s marksman and kill him/her easily. Depending on how you use the bug, it can be game-changing.

What do you think about luo yi bug overall? If you want to exploit the bug, i really suggest that you do that soon, since moonton will probably fix it in the next patch update.

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