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Mobile Legends is going to release a new feature for a more stable ping in the next patch update. This feature will help tons of users that have a bad internet connection for a more stable and green ping in the long run. Internet connection lag has been one of the worst enemy for all mobile legends players, thankfully with this feature, the enemy will finally be defeated, and we can have more enjoyable gameplay.

Basically in the next update, Mobile legends player, will be able to use Wifi Connection and Data Packet (4G) connection to boost their ping for more stable gameplay. You will need to connect on WiFi to use this method for more stable gameplay, but it is still better than having a bad ping and a lost your star points in the ranked match right?

Added with the speed mode feature, it is possible for mobile legends players to have more enjoyable gameplay and win more matches. Just so you know, with this feature, you won’t be able to use things like “Sorry I’m lagging” excuse now.

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