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Wan – Wan is an interesting Mobile Legends marksman with tons of potential to be the best. Her main damage dealing ability which is her ultimate is really annoying and frightening that even in the late game, the most tank won’t be able to deal with it. However, her difficulty is really high, and it is really easy to be killed with her paper-thin health. Which is why not many people want to pick her in the game, if you have a hero like Karrie, and Granger with tons of burst damage even in the early game.

Wan – Wan is an item based hero that requires you to get certain items first before she is able to dominate the fight. Which means that farming is her main early gameplay. Now, if you are still reading this, we take that you are really interested in the guide for easy savage. We hope that with these tips you are able to have an easy savage.


For the emblem, because Wan – Wan needs to farm, we really recommend you to get the jungle emblem because it will help you clear jungle faster. Your main spell should be “Retribution” because it will give you more money than before. The added bonus attack speed and movement speed are also great in the early game, which is why we have picked this setting. With the retribution spells, you can get more gold in the early game. Use it whenever you can and farm more gold for more items. With more items, you can dominate the fight and win more matches.

Item Build

For her full set build, she has 3 core items that you need to buy before dominating the fight.

Core Item:

Raptor Machete:

Reason: because we use jungle emblem, Retribution is essential, and jungle item is also needed to maximize use. With this item, you are able to deal more damage to the jungle monster, gain more exp and gold even in the early game and dominate the fight more.

Swift Boots

Reason: The added attack speed even if it is only 10% is really great in the early game. Her ultimate is based on her attack speed. So with swift boots even if it is small, her ultimate will be boosted as well

Corrosion Scythe

Reason : One of the core items for Wan – Wan, with this item, each attack will give her bonus attack speed which in turn will help her ultimate and boost her damage as well. Another thing about this item is that with more attack speed she can jump more, and be a lot quicker in the game. One of the must-have items for her.

Demon hunter sword: 

Reason: Another core item that suits well with Corrosion Scythe, With this item, you are able to deal massive damage with each strike, Her ultimate can also deal another damage to her enemies based on the maximum health. Wan wan will be able to move faster, and she will be able to kill more people in turn. Her abilities will also be improved and she will be able to kill any people easily.

Item depending on the situation:

Wings of the Apocalypse Queen:

Reason: For more tanky and lifesteal build. Wan – wan has really low health. She is easily killed by most mage and assassins. Which is why, with this item, the bonus max health, and reduce damage are essential for her survival. Of course, more damage is good for her, but a dead wan – wan is no use at all.

Blade of Despair:

Reason: If you dominate the fight in the early game, this is your go-to item for an easy kill and easy win. However, if you lose we suggest you have another defense item for more durability


Reason: This item is really good if you have no trust with your teammates. Aside from that, you can also use this item to finish your ultimate in case you die before pressing it. It will change the tide of the match and you will definitely be able to kill one or 2 enemy heroes.

Guide on how to use wan – wan:

Regardless of the game. You will need to understand that marksman is a type of hero that needs to stay in the back lane, and this is definitely true even for wan – wan.

Wan – wan needs her ultimate to deal damage, without it she is useless. Which makes her really hard to use. However, her reward for the difficulty are really great and she is one of the best heroes to get a full 5 v 1 savage kill.

If you are interested in using her, please follow this little guide below:

  • Early Game (1-6 Minutes): Farm, Farm, and Farm. As we have said before, Wan – wan is an item based heroes that need to farm whenever you can. You will need to dominate the lane, clear jungle, take gold crab, and sometimes play aggressively to kill enemy heroes to win the game, but your main goal in the early game is to farm well, take control of your lane, and get gold for more item.
  • Early – Mid game: You should already have 3 of the core item, or at least raptor machete, swift boots, and corrosion scythe at this stage, or at least going to have corrosion scythe. Your goal now is to finish the item, and then help your team whenever they needed. Note that even if you win your lane, and your allies feed. You will be having a hard time in the late game.
  • Mid Game: You should already be buying the 4th core which is the Demon hunter sword. Don’t slack off and keep farming while watching your lane for gank by the enemies. Play safe and stay with the support or tank so that you are able to kill the enemies. At this stage, your main goal is to get your ultimate, spam your first skill whenever you can, and stun your enemies. After that try to hit the mark. If you are able to do that you will be able to kill the enemies easily. Don’t play to aggressively and don’t gamble too much, because if you die, it is a loss for your whole team.
  • Mid – Late game: Your damage should be top-notch but it is the same as the enemy marksman. You will need to stay at the back, spam your first skill. At this stage, most enemy teams will stick together, and your main goal is to get the ultimate by using the enemy tank. After getting your ultimate, use your ultimate on the enemy’s marksman or any low health enemies. With it you can ensure your win.
  • Late game: No wandering around alone. and do your best.

There are of course many situations and you will need to adjust your playstyle based on that situation. We hope that with this little guide, you are able to use and understand her a little bit before buying or using her in the rank game.

Please test this guide first on the Classic match before using her for real. Oh and take red buff if you can.

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