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Everything needs zeny in Ragnarok mobile eternal love. You will need it to get more powerful in the game, teleport using Kafra, catch a pet, and many more. Zeny is the money currency that you can use in Ragnarok Mobile, and it has many purposes in the game. Despite the importance, there aren’t that many ways to farm zeny, Now, if you are looking for the easy and best way to farm zeny then you should definitely check out this list of 10 easy ways to farm zeny in Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love!

1. Monster Hunting

It is already known that each time you kill a monster, you will get a set amount of zeny. Depending on the monster level, the zeny that you will get will also increase, but what you need to do to maximize your zeny farming skill is the monster that you can kill with a single hit or spell. This will maximize your stamina. After that, you will need to activate your auto attacking and use the AOE damage dealing skill that can kill any monster with one hit. Which is why this is the perfect job for: Hunter, Wizards, and Blacksmith (With Cart Revolution)

2. Exchange Selling

Much like monster hunting, Auction selling is the “after” of monster hunting, all of the weapons needs to be sold, and the crafting materials can be sold in the auction. Most item that you get, will have their own cost in the auction. Take your time, empty your backpack, and sell most of the stuff that you get from hunting to maximize your daily income.

Note: For item that has value, please don’t sell it to the NPC, and use the auction only.

3. Daily Quest

Message board, main quest, and Monster resistance are not only a good source of EXP, but also a good source of zeny and loots.

4. MVP Hunts

A little bit different from Monster hunting, MVP hunts are a lot harder, especially if you are low level. MVP monster will give you tons of good loots from equip to a valuable card that sells for millions. However, you will need have a high level, and OP skills to do it. In the early game, don’t do this unless you have a party

5. Craft and sell your equipment

One easy way to get money is to craft equipment and sell it. Since refining is risky, it can break your equipment, for those that are searching for ways to refine their equips, they will most definitely want to have them in a bulk to test their luck. Which is why the demand for equips are skyrocketing. But first, you will need to find the most popular equip on the exchange and then make it.

6. Pet Adventure

The easiest way to farm zeny, pet adventure is unlocked when your Pet gets the intimacy level to 3, with it you can start getting loots and rewards. But the most important thing are the Guaranteed Chest that you can sell for lots of zeny. Around 100.000 per adventure. It might be small but in the early game. This is a huge sum of money.

7. Pet Labor

Even if you didn’t get any money or loot, the pet labor feature will give you tons of stuff like Adventure meatball that you can use for pet adventure and instant rift, Eden Coins for bunch of crafting blueprint, and item shop for exp potion for much more efficient farm in the early game

8. Time Rift

Clearing time rift will give you a chance to drop an equipment that sell around 400.000 zeny or more. If you are tired from clearing them manually, use the purification holy grail that you can buy using adventure meatballs. It is more efficient, and easier to do without costing anything.

9. Card Hunting

Based on luck, if you are feeling the luck, then you might want to go and card hunting. Check out the most expensive card that you can get from monster hunting on your level, and then farm the monster. Usually the cards will sell around 1000,000z, but depending on the rarity and effect it can cost up to 100,000,000z or more.

10. Lucky Shop

Last on our list, Lucky shop will give you tons of expensive items depending on your luck. You might get an expensive mvp item or a feather. Use Eden coin and buy the item, and then sell it for zeny.

Regardless before using this guide, you will need to level up your character first. So if you are interested in a leveling guide, feel free to check out our other article for an easy leveling guide. Thank you for reading have a nice day!

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