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Our favorite Tank “Layla” is finally going to get another buff. This time, Moonton is finally giving her an escape buff that will increase her overall movement speed so that she is able to run away from any enemies that chase her. This buff will affect her playstyle and will affect her overall survivability in the long run.

As you can see on the patch update above, Revamped Layla is going to get another buff. This buff will affect her first skill that will give her another boost if she is able to hit the enemy hero. After that, her movement speed will get a huge buff by 60% which is the same as sprint spell with a low cooldown which is her first skill, additionally, if you are able to hit the enemy hero with another skill or basic attack, the duration of your movement speed will also get buff from 1.2s to 2.4s overall.

This is of course a huge buff considering that even Sprint has the duration of 3s. Considering that Layla is going to have a huge movement speed buff, she will be able to come in and out of a match easily and as long as you hit the skill shot, you will be able to survive more in the battle. Just try not to be hit by stun and crowd control skill since this buff won’t affect any of that.

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