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MOBA game is probably one of the most popular genres currently on Mobile. Aside from Battle royale, games like Mobile legends are really interesting because each map has a different feel to it. So it is not surprising if there are many developers that are trying to make a new MOBA game that will appeal to their fan base. One of which is Tencent that is collaborating with the Pokemon Company to make a new Pokemon Theme MOBA game called Pokemon Unite!

The gameplay is pretty similar to the original MOBA game with a little twist. Each EXP that you get from either Minions or Jungle Pokemon will give you level, after you reach a certain level, you will be able to evolve and learn more skill. Each skill will give you more power and effect that can dominate the other. Apart from that, there are also skill type that you will need to look out to when fighting with another pokemon with the opposite type.

It is said that this new MOBA game is going to be released on Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android. Players will be able to play on either device with a crossplay feature. Player will be able to catch, train, evolve and battle in the game. So are you interested in the game? We will keep you updated here on Roonby!

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