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It seems like Tencent really wants to be the number one in mobile gaming Industry. Aside from announcing a new game with the Pokemon Company, Tencent recently said that they are currently developing a mobile Metal Slug game for all their fans. This game is going to be the nostalgic version of the game, that are much like the previous SNK game from your childhood, and honestly it looks pretty good. The game is called Metal Slug Code: J, and is developed by TiMi Studio, a subsidiary group of Tencent.

The gameplay trailer above is little to what we can expect in the gameplay when the game is released. It has the feels of the previous series of Metal Slug, where Players will be able to walk in a 2D side-scrolling manner, killing every enemy they find with their trusted gun, and power up that can be picked along the way. There is going to be bosses on each stage that they choose, and of course vehicle that can help you dominate the fight. Just remember that you don’t need coins to play it like the earliest version.

Despite the hype, we can’t really says much about this game, since there are many other previous popular title that has been released on mobile and is said to be a floop by their players. Well, we can only hope that Tencent will be able to make a good game.

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