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As you know, recently Season 17 has come to mobile legends server, there are many new things that will come to Mobile Legends including the recent Project NEXT that will rework a bunch of new old hero revamps in Mobile legends. Now, if you are new in Mobile Legends, and wonders what best heroes that you can use in solo ranked to raise your rank, then you are in the right place. Because today we will give you the list of some of the best heroes in Mobile Legends for solo rank in this new season 17. Check it out!

1. Gusion

The first is the king of all Assassins, Gussion. His burst damage can’t be ignored in the early game. His ability to blink and teleport while keeping his dagger in check can be used to kill any low leveled marksman and mage in the early game. Added with the support of your tank, you can go in and out of one match to easily win the game. He is one of the best even after his nerf, and the only hero that can help you win easily especially if you get fat in the early game by targetting the marksman or mage.

2. Grock

If you play as a solo tank but need an aggressive hero, then grock is definitely your hero choice. Grock has the ability to hit hard in the early game, with the ability to immune crowd control to easily run on any fight. This ability helps him as the best tank/attacker in the game. Go into the fight by using your first skill, trap the enemies with your second skill by making a wall, and finish the deal with your ultimate. Execute is your best friend and you can deal with damage while being one of the worst nightmares for your enemies.

3. Kadita

Don’t underestimate the queen of the sea, because her burst damage combo is nothing to scoff at. Her skill combo with first skill, second skill, and ultimate, can destroy any enemies in the early game. With a proper built, she can go in a fight and kill the enemies easily without any problem. Not many people know this, but a mid laner kadita can deal massive damage after she reach level 4. She is an easy hero to learn, and is a fun burst damage dealer.

4. Kimmy

Easily destroy any enemies with Kimmy, as long as you learn her patterns, and how to play her in general. Kimmy are able to deal massive damage to her enemies easily. The power of her first skill can deal massive damage in a long-range and her splash damage can easily kill any enemies with easily. With Ice Queen Wands, Enemies hit with her damage can’t run away without sacrificing a blink skill. However she will need to farm until her 3rd core item to easily kill the enemies.

5. Fanny

If you are able to use fanny, she can deal massive damage in the game without any risk. She is one of the heroes that need high experience to play, but with a high return. Her high mobility, that can easily kill any paper thin health hero with only 2 strike, and ultimate combos is what makes her really frightening. Lastly as long as you have blue buff in the game, and experience on using her, you rank will definitely go up as you can 1 v 5 any enemies easily. (Well, as long as you can fly)

6. Badang

Badang is one of the easiest fighters in my opinion. You simply need to hide, get demon hunter swords, and then get to level 4 or more to kill his enemies. His burst damage and abilities to surprise his enemies are really great even for a team fight. He is one of the best offlaner in Mobile Legends. You can easily clear lane with his first skill and he doesn’t need to use any many too. His combos are just Skill 2, skill 1 ultimate!

7. Guinevere

Much like Badang, Guinevere abilities to burst damage her enemies with her jump, and ultimate combo are nothing to scoff at. After getting Calamity Reaper and Holy Crystal, she can easily one shot any enemies easily. Just take care and not pick Guinevere with Helcurt.

Bonus: Layla (Tank)

Layla, our favorite tank is one of the “best” tanker in Mobile Legends. If you didn’t know why we call her tank when she is clearly a marksman, it is because of her abilities to deal damage based on her range. Which means that even with a tank build, she is able to deal damage. For more information why Layla is the best tank, you can see it on the link here.!

So there you have it, we hope that with this list you are able to win more in the rank match. Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

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