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Previously known as Japalura by some Mobile Legends leakers, Bart and Rahal will finally comes to Land of Dawn and we can see what they are capable of doing to their enemies. The leakers has been releasing game play video from this new dino riders, and they are honestly so OP.


The video above is the game play of Bart and Rahal, the new hero of Mobile Legends that is going to be released in the land of dawn. His passive has the ability to increase their overall size and abilities to deal massive damage to all of their enemies.

By dealing damage to their enemies either by skill or basic attack, they will gain a stack. after it reaches a certain amount, Bart and Rahal will gain an increased size, with 3 forms, and each form will change their basic attack animation, damage, and of course size.

Bart and Rahal are going to have 3 active skills. Their first skill is to deal damage in a fan shape area and deal slow for a few seconds to their enemies.

The second skill is where they fire a missile that is going to pull their enemies toward them. And lastly, his ultimate is the ability to make an area of circle around them, trapping the enemies and dealing damage each second, the enemies that goes past through the circle is going to get another huge damage and stuns for 1s.

This is their main trapping ability that will kill most enemies easily.

Apart from that, Bart and Rahal are going to have the role of Marksman and tank. This means that both DPS, and health are going to be in this hero, and it will be devastating to be their enemies. They are going to be another op hero of Mobile legends!

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