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Regarding the new updates of Luoyang 7.0 on Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love, they have given us more contents to work for, from the level cap that is going up, Job 4th, and lastly the treasure chest that is appearing here and there in the Wasteland and Moonlight cave.

This will be the guide on where Treasure chest often appear in both map, and we hope that you are able to get more mats and expensive items by using this guide, Check it out!

As you can see in the image above, there are many points that you can choose from to get the treasure chest in the map above. Users will need to compete with other users on the same channel to get the most of the items available on the treasure chest.

You can change your channel, but you will need to be quick since there are so many people that are playing this game, and because there is a cooldown to changing one channel to another, you can only do this one and test your luck.

Also, the reset time for each treasure chest spawn is at 6AM and 6PM server time. So if you can’t really compete in that time, and you are trying to get more Time Quicksand (Hourglass) we suggest you follow this [guide here].  You also can use the Hawkeye items from Spirit Tree to get an accurate location.

Hopefully, this guide will be able to help you in any way, and please thank and subscribe to BlueBerries on his/her youtube channel for providing this information to us.

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