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Recently, on the patch update that is going live on Mobile Legends Advance server, Moonton decides to not revamp their wind hero Vale, and just over buff him instead. Unlike his twin Valir, Vale is one of the most underestimate heroes on Mobile Legends, that even a mention of picking him in a rank match will put you in a tough spot on your team. This is the opposite of her twin, Valir where he is mostly banned in any situation.


Which is why when there is a rumor about Moonton going to revamp him, his users is excited to the point of crying including me (I have always liked him, and the idea of leveling to buff his skill is so unique and fun because each match is not the same, and you can choose what you want depending on the situation). However, this is proven not to be true, but Moonton will give Vale a huge and OP buff that will increase every skill that he has.

As the patch above stated, this buff will increase his Ultimate, Slow, Crowd control, and of course his Damage overall. Wind blade which is his main poking ability will get increased damage from 280 – 505 to 300 – 550. Second skill [control] 0.9 to 1.2, and [damage] slow 30% to 40%. Lastly his ultimate will get an increase based damage 960 – 1440 to 1200 – 1800.

Do note that this buff affects only his base damage, which means that if you buff it with an item, the damage given to his enemies will double that. And his ability to slow will annoy his enemies even if you don’t have Ice Queen Wand on your hand. This means that the combo that you guys are waiting for, which is full damage skill is not a problem anymore.

This buff will affect his ability to deal burst damage, and poke damage further, making him one of the most difficult to master but the most annoying class of Mobile Legends. Well, hopefully, we can see more Vale in the next update.

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