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Team Fight Tactics is an auto battler game where you place your units / heroes / whatever you want to call it on your board, and they will then fight with the enemy pieces automatically. It is an 8 players game that will fight real-time with you in a battle of strategy, skill, and of course luck. However with this guide, you will be able to turn your luck, into skill in no time.

1. Pay Attention to Your Income

Basically, when you hover around the gold that you have, you will be able to find out where you get those gold at. There are 3 ways to increase your income, first is by winning/losing streak, selling your unit, and lastly interest. Winning/losing streak and selling your unit is easy to understand, but what you really need to know is the art of interest in TFT.

Every time you get past the +10 gold, you will get an additional +1 on your income after each fight. For example, if you have 20 gold or more, you will get 2 gold more after the fight, 30 then you will get +3, and so on with the maximum of +5.

2. Losing is Also an Option


Unlike Winning that can’t be predicted, losing streak is also an option because you can control it. If you have full health, low money, and wanted to increase your overall gold count then you can try losing. Especially, if the unit on your hand is not that great. It is because losing streak, will give you more gold than winning and losing each time. The goal here is to minimize health loss, while maintaining your losing streak.

3. Don’t do too much reroll

Most people do reroll in the hope of getting a good unit or the unit that you want to level up its tier. Although, it is a good strategy, it usually does more harm than good.

If you really do want to reroll, try not to harm your interest rate, or do it after you get 50+ or so. This will help you in the long run, as you can’t get more interest after +5.

4. Unit, Item, and Synergy

Every unit that you have has their own Synergy combination and skills to it. The Synergy will have an added effect that will increase your skills and overall unit. Learning this will not only help you increase your win rate but also help you deal with the counter of each synergy based on what your enemies have. Try to also combine it with item that suit to each unit. For example, don’t give a magic type unit a physical damage option.

5. Discovering what works for you

TFT is a really fun game, where you can learn from each match. There are some strategy that works for the other, but might not work for you. Try to find out what synergy that you want, what combination that works for you, and can bring out the potential of each unit more. Sometimes 6 blade master will lose with 4 blaster.

We hope that with these little tips you will be able to win more games in TFT!

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