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Esmeralda and Khufra have been going on and around as one of the worst hero with too much OP skill. Even a single nerf from Moonton can’t really take away their strength!

There are still so many people that have been using Esmeralda because of her ability to deal damage and tank damage, and Khufra for his ability to counter any blink hero that is too slippery to catch.

As you have seen on the image above, Khufra and Esmeralda will get another nerf. Khufra damage is going to be adjusted especially in the early game where he is so strong. Skill level adjustment is going to be important now on Khufra, where you will need to distribute all of the skill accordingly to skill 2 rather than level up-ing the skill 1 all the time.

Esmeralda will get a huge nerf on her ability to tank and cc. Where now, she will won’t be able to get as much shield as she wants in the early game, and her second skill slow debuff is going to get a nerf as stated above. This buff will nerf her ability to kill in the early game where she dominates the fight.

Both buff will be useful for those that are sick of Esmeralda and Khufra in the rank match. Well, hopefully this buff will be up soon!

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