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Nowadays, mobile games is one of the best entertainment. Especially, since Mr. Corona has been around and we are staying home to prevent epidemics in our hometown. But much like any other entertainment, there is going to be someone that takes it too far.

This news comes from one of the media websites from a country called Kharar, Punjab. Where a teenager is recently caught stealing his parent’s money for his PUBG Mobile game addiction.

For those that don’t know what PUBG is, it is a mobile shooting game, where players will need to kill 99 other players with a gun in an Island where they are forced to battle each other. There are so many customizations that comes with the game, and so many cool in-game items in the game that makes it so satisfying to use, however, the customization will need real-time money to buy.

So to make his and his friend’s character cooler, this teenager from Punjab, stole his parent’s money around $21.000! According to the report, he has access to his parent’s 3 Bank account, and his parent came to know this from their bank statements.

His father who is a government employee has a medical history, and he said that his son used all of his life savings kept for medical expenses to pay for his game. Not only that, this teen also allegedly uses all of his mother’s provident fund for his and his friend’s account.

Well, after the incident, the boy is working at a scooter repair shop to earn his money for his own future..

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