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It seems like after the big update of 0.19.0 on 7 June 2020, PUBG Mobile is going to get harder and harder. This popular Battle Royale mode is going to get a new map, Livik, Bonefire Mode, and many more features. But not only that, Tencent is going to make their useless Bot to be more OP and harder in that update.


Previously, Bot in this game is easily targeted because they don’t have the ability to move, hide, and even hit their targeted player. This is useful for those that are trying to train in the game but want to enjoy the overall game experience. But for a more professional and experienced player, it doesn’t provide a challenge and makes the game boring. According to leakers online, there will be a change to the bot in the game on the update 0.19.0 patch.

The patch update is going to boost their skills, and when they are being shot, they can hide from the enemies and cover themselves from any damage taken. They can also use hand-grenade now to kill the players. Not only that, Tencent decided to boost their surviving skills so that they can survive in the end game more than the bots from the previous server.

Tencent hopes that with these bot updates, user will be able to improve their skill in the long run. Well, what do you think?

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