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Mats / Materials are useful for many things. This is also true for the recent Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love updates of the recent Ep 7.0 Luoyang updates. These updates give you a new job that you can explore and a new feature called spirit tree that can give you powerful buff and stats from it.

For those that are still new for these updates, you might wonder what can you do to grow your spirit tree faster. Well, worry no more because today we will give you some tips to farm more mats/material effectively and easily to grow your spirit tree check out this list below!

1. Max These Upgrade to maximize your Hourglass drop

These upgrades aim to give you 500 – 2000 hourglass per day via Wasteland Daily quest

2. Max these upgrades to maximize your drop while farming

The upgrades above will maximize your drop rate, so you will be able to get more mat during grinding. These upgrades will also affect your daily grind so you will get anything more easily.

3. Max these upgrades for damage and easy farms

If you have problems while grinding or if your damage is not enough to kill the enemy’s monster faster then you could maximize your damage by getting these upgrades. This upgrades will maximize your damage, reduce your cooldown, Ignore Def/Mdef, and give you more movement speed.

After maximizing the upgrade in each tree line you will get om total maxHP+2%, 1% Deposit, IgnoreDefense +1.5%, +30 Attack, and +3%Def overall.

If you deemed that the upgrade is not necessary or if you are already please with your skill, please save up for the material that you found, because in the next updates (according to more advance server), there is going to be Spirit tree expansion that you can explore with various other buff and stat boost that can boost your overall damage.

Hopefully, this guide can help you in any way, thank you for reading. Have a nice day!

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