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Finally, Ragnarok Origin, the newest Ragnarok Mobile game is released on Mobile. However, it hasn’t been released globally, users might not be able to download it on Google Play. Which is why, today we are going to give you a little tips on how to download and play Ragnarok Origin on your phone. Check out this tips below!

1. Install QooApp

Qoo App is another form of AppStore for android games. It contains a bunch of different games in the world. In this case, it is Ragnarok Origin is also available in this app store.

2. Search for Ragnarok Origin

Search for Ragnarok Origin in the AppStore and download the APK.

3. Install it, If you are using MIUI/Xiaomi you will need to turn off MIUI Optimization on your setting

If you have a problem with installing the app, and you are using a Xiaomi Devices, then you will need to turn off MIUI Optimization on your device Developer setting.

4. After that Open Ragnarok Origin on your phone

If there are no problem with your connection and it is stable, you will be able to play and download the patch without any problem. But if there is a problem with your connection and you can’t download the patch, then you will need to follow the next step.

If you have patch download problem:

1. Install VPN service, for me, it is HOLA VPN/Solo VPN [Solo VPN is proven faster than HOLA by some reader]

Hola is a free VPN service where you can have a bunch of different VPN servers for free to use without any problem.

2. Search for HOLA VPN Server, and Pick South Korea server

Hola has different services that you can use, and each is free to choose from. Because Ragnarok origin is from Korea, you can use this VPN to download the patch from its server.

3. Open Ragnarok origin and click yes to download the patch

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