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After the release of Ep. 7.0 of Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love, there are many contents that can be explored and try each day. For example: the 4th job, wasteland Quest for skill upgrades, divine tree, and many more. One of which is the new instances infinite echoing corridor that gives a bunch of different rewards for their players.

Each time you complete a level of this instance, you will get an item called “Brave Holy Emblem” that can be exchanged with other items that you choose in the shop. Here is the list of Infinite Echoing Corridor Rewards.

There are various of rewards that can be used to further enhance your game play. One of which is the rare Beast Doll Series Costume Voucher that can be exchanged with a rare costume for those that are interested in a cute furry little outfit.

Tips for Echoing Corridor:

  • Echoing Corridor is literally a dungeon game. If you want to go through another room, you will need to defeat all of the monsters in the room you are currently in.
  • Your goal is to advance the level, but not killing the MVP monster is also a viable plan to advance the instance
  • If you finish a monster room or MVP Rooms, you will get a key for advancing the level
  • Bonus Room will give you a bunch of different challenges where you will need to simply survive for some amount of time but failing it won’t kick you out of the instance
  • It is important to choose a good item on Shop Item depending on your situation. It is advisable to have Osteoacusis Chip on your hand to be safe in a risky situation. (You can buy it on the instance shop for 25 gold).

We hope that with this guide you will be advance more safely. We won’t give you a guide like you needing teams or party up with strong people, because if you can you would have done it. Thank you for reading have a nice day!

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