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90s kids will definitely know this classic arcade game called Bubble Bobble Classic. Before it is known as a puzzle bobble, where 2 cute dinosaurs compete with each other in a puzzling bubble madness. They actually work together to save their princess from evildoers.

These 2 cute little dinosaur has their own power to make a bubble that can trap their enemies and then kill them by hitting the bubble. Well, if you know what we are talking about, then you will definitely like the news since this classic bubble adventure is released on mobile for both android and iOS with the name Bubble Bobble Classic.


Classic Arcade Game with the main character ‘Bubblun’ to capture enemies with bubble and defeat it.

[How to Control]
Able to move left and right on the screen, and press the fire and jump buttons to play.

[Game Feature]
– Conveniently fire the bubbles with the automatic shot function.
– Able to get an extra life through gathering alphabet bubbles E, X, T, E, N, D.
– Able to get additional scores through hamburger, hot-dog, sushi, banana, and ice cream after defeating all enemies on the stage.
– The skull monsters are going to appear and chase if the player cannot clear the stage in a certain amount of time.
– Able to change the original or full screen aspect ratio in the setting.
– Super game is available after normal game is cleared.
– Supported achievement and leaderboard.

[Power-up Item]
– Yellow candy: Increasing speed of blowing bubbles.
– Pink candy: Increasing range of blowing bubbles.
– Blue candy: Increasing bubbles’ flying speed.
– Red shoes: Increasing Bubblun’s movement speeds.

[Special Bubble]
– Water bubbles: Special bubble that flows the water down to defeat the enemies.
– Fire bubbles: Special bubble that drops the fire and creates multiple fires.
– Lightning bubbles: Special bubble that can be blown horizontally to defeat the enemies.

– Holy water: Removing all enemies on the screen, and available to get additional scores in limited time.
– Parasol: Allows to jump numerous stages. Depends on color of parasol, the jumped stages are different.
– Magical staff: All remaining bubbles on the screen will turn into food, and also a large food will fall down.
– Sky blue Ring: Able to get extra points each time the Bubblun moves.
– Chack’n Heart: Transforms to invincible Bubblun that defeat the enemies.
– Magical necklaces: Shining ball bounces around the stage, and defeat the enemies.
– Clock: Freezing the monsters in certain amount of time.

For those that are interested in the game, you can download it and play it now on your mobile phone for Android and iOS. Both are free to play, but there are ads that you need to watch after some time. It is really an interesting game to play especially if you had played it.

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