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Recently, the leakers release a new Freya skin called Raven Shogun in their Instagram, and players are in awe with the animation and the beauty of the skins in general. But IMO alone, this skin is a little bit similar or at least have a bit similar theme to Alpha Onimusha skin. This is not surprising since we have already known that Moonton has the reputation of recycling and not fixing, or updating.

The background and the armor look really similar to one another. Although the Freya skin looks better in general because of the graphic quality and budget [maybe]. But what’s really interesting is the price of the skin.

Freya “Raven Shogun” is said to be a Special skin that is going to cost around 899 diamonds according to Mobile Legends leakers, where Alpha “Onimusha” cost around 3500 diamond if you are lucky enough at that time (Even the limited books cost around 1000 diamonds and only if you are lucky to get what you want).

Some skins like the previous Freya “Monster Hunter” (Starlight) or even “War Angel” which is the epic limited skins have a low-quality graphic than these new special skins that “is said” to cost around 899 diamonds. There is also squad skin “Dragon Hunter” that is going to cost around 899 and it has its own theme, good animation, and skill effect change which cost less than the previous Epic Limited skins in general.

It makes us think that despite their players chirping about the change regarding old epic limited skins that should worth more and should get better animation or even HD quality graphic than the newest Special skins, Moonton doesn’t care about it and only think about the money that we are going to spend on their new skins.

Regardless, we do know that there are some that don’t care about it since alpha is said to be a lost and forgotten hero that doesn’t really have a role in the game anymore. Hopefully, this article will makes you think twice before buying the Mobile Legends skins.

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