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Previously, we have covered a bit around card drop rate from farming in the Ragnarok Mobile Guide. We have said there that each level difference from the monster are going to affect the drop rate of each monster that we killed, and the exp gain is going to be lowered for each level difference.

This is really helpful, especially for those that are going to farm mats on regular basis in the game. But with the update of ep.7.0 there are a little bit changes regarding the EXP and Drop rate based on your level difference for all monsters.

Source : Blueberries

According to the source that we get, when your player is higher than the mob < 30% the drop rate won’t change at any rate. However, after < 40 the drop rate is going to be lowered by 10% each +10 level with a maximum of 50% lowered drop rate in the Ragnarok mobile eternal love of any server.

This little table is really helpful for those that are farming Vitata, or any other type of mobs but have trouble questioning why the mats are lowered after each level. The EXP Rate is also going to be lowered as the table has stated above, with a maximum of 50% EXP Rate drop for each +5 Level difference. This is to ensure players not farm in the same spot after leveling for some time.

Hopefully, this guide will be able to help you in anyway. Thank you for reading this little guide. Have a really nice day and farm well!

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