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There are many good games that haven’t been released globally yet. Take Ragnarok Origin, for example, the game is so much fun but without the player understanding what each feature or quest that the NPC had given us. The gameplay experience lacks a little bit, especially for those that love a good story and lore. Aside from that, understanding what each skill, damage, debuff, and many others can also help us in the game while battling a monster. Because of that, if you are searching for a way to translate a non-English game on your android phone, easily. Then here is a little guide to doing so.

Step 1> Download on-Screen Translator


Screen Translator is an on-screen translate app, where you can select any part of your screen with a stylus widget floating around your screen and it will automatically scan the text on a screen and translate it to the prefered language. It is really easy to use, but the downside to it is that you will need to pay for a really high-quality one. [but there are good guys that can make it free]

Step 2> Open your on-Screen Translator, Select the language, and your preferred language.

  • Select the language that you want on the translation settings. The really safe one Google translate with the output of English (Because English Translation on Google translate is much more advance than the other country)
  • After selecting the language, you will be able to activate the on screen translate by tapping the “Floating Translate” Button. (First time you will be ask if you want to display over other apps on your setting, click yes.
  • After that, the floating widget will be your stylus to scan your screen and translate the text

Step 3> Open The game that you want to translate and then use your stylus to translate it

After opening up the game that you want, click on the stylus, and then drag it until there is a red block coming out from the stylus

It will scan the image selected from the stylus, and then translate it immediately without any problem. Some of the translate might be off, but you can still understand a little bit of the description easily.

Hopefully this guide will be able to help you in any way. thank you for reading, Have a really good day!

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