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Aside from lag and connection problems that they promised to fix in the next patch updates. Moonton is going to fix their matchmaking issue that has been going around for some time. Previously, it has been known that if you have legend as your rank in mobile legends, then you have the chances to be paired with Epic rank or Mythic rank. However in the next patch update Moonton promise to fix this problem to make it fair for all of their players.

This update is one of the game rebalance updates where they will make an adjustment to their matchmaking system. Moonton decides to reduce the chance of cross-rank matchmaking to 80%, making it fair for all of the players to play the game. Basically with these updates, if you are epic rank, then you will play against epic rank also, not legend or grandmaster.

This is a welcome change from Moonton to all mobile legends players in the world since one of their main problems is the unfairness of the matchmaking system. Hopefully, with this update in the next few patch, we will have a much more fair match up.

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