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It is already known that mobile legends are one of the most popular games on Mobile. It has been downloaded by more than millions of people worldwide. There are many heroes to choose from with a bunch of different unique abilities to dominate the fight. Because of that, it is not surprising if there are some creative fans that want to contribute to the community by posing as the character (Cosplay for short). Now, if you are interested in the cosplay of Mobile legends. Here are some of the best Mobile Legends Cosplay that will make you want to immediately play the game!

Note; There are some models that I haven’t found the Instagram profile yet, and because of that i can’t credit their picture. If you have their Instagram website, please comment down below and i will add it.

1. Kagura

Models: Loey_Alice

Kagura is always a fan favorite. With her white stocking and pure white skins. This cosplay really captures the character image and the innocents of the character.

2. Rafaela

Model: Maria_mariana

Despite her unpopularity, Rafaela has always been the number one Support in the game. Well, because she is literally one of the first support in the game.

3. Lunox

Model: @Jesschla

Lunox has always been a fan favorite if you can use her she will be unstoppable in the early game with her huge burst damage!

4. Nana

Model: KatyaCoser

This cute little loli hit super hard with her boomerangs and her doll traps. Don’t make light of her because she can kill you.

5. Natalia

Model: jojo_himemiya

After the patch updates, Natalia is one of the worst heroes to deal with in the early – late game. Her ability to kill any Marksman is annoying and every time there is an exclamation mark on your head, you are dead.

6. Hanabi

Model: Alexander_Bella

Not that popular marksman, but really cute in my opinion. Her abilities to clear lane and deal damage from front to below can’t be ignored. She is a huge DPS that depends on her team to do well.

7. Ruby

Model: Maria_mariana

Honestly, Ruby has always been underestimated, but she has always been one of the true fighters with a bunch of CC skills, and ultimate ability that can change the flow of the game easily.

8. Angela

Model: JeslynChrestella

The support role of angela depends on her users. Angela can be so annoying if used right. Her ability to slow and save her allies with her ultimate can be game-changing at the perfect time. Don’t underestimate the power of loli.

9. Odette

Model: larissarochefort

Odette is one of the best disablers in mobile legends, her ability has been buff where the player will be able to poke any enemies easily in the game. Apart from that if she is played with good johnsons, any enemies hit will die easily.

10. Aurora

Models: I don’t know and I don’t want to know. But feel free to comment the cosplayer so that i can add him/her

The best is saved for last, her ability to freeze, and kill her enemies is one of the best. She is the best mage in my opinion. Any assassins that want to kill her is going to die with her freeze.

There you go, some of the best mobile legends cosplayers. If you have any other cosplay suggestion, comment down below and we will make it happen. Thank you for reading have a nice day!

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