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Recently the flagship killer series Poco F2 Pro is finally released by Xiaomi. The Pocophone series has always been fans favorite because of its high specs and low budget phone that is affordable for many people. Even after the first release of Pocophone F1, 2 years ago, the phone is still really good and can match the phones that are being released nowadays.

Because of that, some people might wonder, if I am a fan of Xiaomi Pocophone series, and I got Poco F1, should I change it for Poco F2? Well, as Pocophone fans myself, and the owner of my precious Poco F1, and a self-titled tech fanatics, I will give you my insight regarding the matter.


Poco F1 Left l PocoF2 Right / GSMArena

In the image above, you will see the full specification compare that is released by the official Xiaomi website regarding PocoF1 and PocoF2. Click on the image for a clearer view.

What is the differents

We can see that the most important upgrades regarding the Poco series are the Camera upgrade, the device resistant to impact and water, plus a little bit upgrade regarding its OS, and Chipset. There are also a little bit different regarding the camera work that makes it a little bit more hi-tech for Poco F2 Pro. The camera is now a Quad camera on Poco F2, while Poco F1 only got 2 cameras with dual pixel, which makes it a little bit hard to capture a good instagramable picture. Poco F2 also has a high-quality battery that will increase the duration of your phone time overall, and fast-charging of 33W while F1 only have fast-charging of 18W. The rest is pretty much the same.

As a Poco F1 user and content creator myself. I can’t really use the phone to take a good picture, especially in a dark place, even with a flash the camera is really bad, and the image capture in it blurs. However, with a huge MP difference and Quad camera (Wide, Ultrawide, Macro, Depth) the picture will most definitely be perfect regardless of the place and settings.

For the phone performance overall, as stated in KiMovil, regarding the antutu test benchmark, it is said that Poco F1 has 332.586 points, while Poco F2 Pro have 568.976 points overall, which is almost twice the performance of Poco F1. It is also stated by Xiaomi that, Poco F2 Pro uses LiquidCool 2.0 system with 3 layers of Grafit, Graphene, and Super VC that will make your phone stay cool even after hours of gaming and browsing the internet.


Poco F2 Pro 6GB/128GB cost 499 euro, and the 8GB/256GB costs around 599 Euro,

Poco F1 only cost around 261 Euro 2 years ago


Of course F2 Pro wins in overall specification and feature. Poco F2 fixes all the problems that a Poco F1 users experience overall. The high heat while gaming, the bad camera, Fast charging, impact, and water resistance problem. Although, it is not better than the next series,  do note that the performance of Poco F1 is still better than most smartphones available on the market right now, and will still be next year overall.

The Price of Poco F2 is twice Poco F1 that makes it a deal-breaker for me. Regarding the prices, there are other devices, for example, Xiaomi Redmi K30 Pro that has a score of 588.608 points and a good enough camera that cost only 364 euro on the market right now. It makes me wonders what really a flagship killer phone nowadays.

TLDR; Poco F1 is already good enough especially for everyday uses, Poco F2 fixes all the problems that you experience with Poco F1 but with a price to pay. There are other flagship phones that are cheaper and have better performance for example Xiaomi Redmi K30 Pro.

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