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Infinite Echoing Corridor is the newest instance that you can explore in the game. You will need to clear all of it to get a bunch of different rewards that are pretty rare in the game.

It is a weekly instance that will give you bunch of zeny and emblem that you can trade with other rare items. But to clear it is not easy. You will need to team up with a good party or else you will definitely die easily. So today, we will give you a little guide on how to clear the echoing corridor!

1. Party Set-up

This instance allows a 3-man party to enter. The good party set-up that you can use are:

  • DPS+DPS+Tank/AB
  • DPS+AB+Tank
  • DPS+DPS+DPS (Doram/Minstrel/Wanderer that can heal and res)

Note: It is required that you have 300k+Max HP to avoid one-hit ko from 21F or 4th job for an easy win.

2. Know the Map

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This instance is a lot like a dungeon crawl RPG game, where you will need to defeat all of the monsters in a room to get through another room. There are 2 MVP rooms, 2 mob room, 1 shop room, 1 trap room, 1 rest area, and the last is the exit. If you want to exit and go to the next floor, you will need to collect 3 key that is dropped by MVP, mob, and trap room randomly.

3. The shop is more important than you think

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Each time you cleared a room, you will get 10 coins. You can use it to purchase an item in the shop. Buy Osteoacusis Chip that can teleport you away from MVP room that you can’t deal with, and Map room that will reveal all room in the game to avoid MVP Room.

4. There are some MVP monster that you need to avoid

Kaho is a pain to deal with, which is why just teleport away by using Osteoacusis chip to escape, LOD has 100% Hit rate which is annoying, and ArchAngeling is too much. If you find some other boss that you don’t want to fight, just use the chip and explore the other room. Just remember not to go in the same room if you can.

5. Rest Room Usage

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Restr oom is a place that you can use to reform your party. After going into a room, and find an enemies that you can’t deal with, with your current job, your team can change your job here. You can also safely res your team in here, and use any buff item here.

6. Trap Room

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there is 2 trap in this instance, the wheel trap that can be easily dodged by standing at the entrance (don’t do anything for some time and it will clear easily), and lastly, the floor is lava room, where you will need to go around at the end of the room while maneuvering in the green circle that are spread across the map.

Note: Even if you die in the trap room, It will not give you any penalty, You just lost the chance to get the key, and you might need to fight MVP boss to go to the next floor

7. MVP Room


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If you have a full level, the MVP room at 1 – 20F is easily killed by yourself, however, after 21-30F the damage are insane and try your best to avoid them if you can. There are also some debuff that will come into your face if you deal with MVP room at level 21 -30F such as:

  • Mist: Reduce the healing effect
  • Explosive force: AOE Damage
  • Wheel of Judgement, Deal damage with a chance of stripping your equipment
  • Dark Space: Blind Stats
  • Confinement Domain: No Healing at all
  • Graveyard: No revive!

8. The Mob Room

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Each mob has a buff base on the name that it had:

  • Gaze: 10 Shield and deal high damage to the nearby target, Kite and attack with long-range
  • Enslave/hiding: They will hide in the map and you will need to look around and use AOE damage to find it.
  • Explosion: Explode after death
  • Arcane: Leave arcane ball after Death, and deal damage if the player gets near it
  • Corrosive: Poison the player
  • Symbiotic/division: Need to use AOE damage and kill them together
  • Spider/Web: Slow
  • Light/Shadow Shield: DMG Reduction
  • Stand Fast: immune to status ailments
  • Curse: Healing Reduction

More Tips that you need to know:

  • Put Healing Item in the item tab for easy use [Next update]
  • Save at every floor
  • If you ress too many times, consider teleport and retry again
  • Buy Tele and Map from Item Shop
  • Use Map/Tele to avoid MVP especially in 21-30F
  • MOB hat 100% Hit rate so flee is useless
  • Always keep distance between mobs.

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