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Don’t starve is a survival game where the users will need to survive in the wilds full of monster and darkness that will kill you in every turn. The game has been fans favorite where players will be able to band together (Don’t Starve Together), make a base, and survive together but the multiplayer version is only available on PC.

Thankfully, Tencent recently stated that they are currently developing a new Don’t Starve multiplayer series on mobile called Don’t Starve NewHome.


The main aspect of the series is still the same, just survive in the wilds with any resource that you can get around the world. You can gather weed, and stick to make fire, gather log by crafting an axe, make your own base, and many more. The game is pretty easy to understand but really hard to master.

Aside from some of the original character in the game, there are going to be a new character introduced by Tencent in this new mobile game, based on the trailer. In one of the images on their official website, Don’t Starve NewHome will have a quest system, with an easy control that supports mobile gamer easily without any problem.

If you are interested in playing Don’t starve NewHome you can pre-register into the CBT (Closed Beta Test) on their official website by clicking the link [here]. There are also more information regarding the game released next.

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