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Ads have been something that the mobile gamer needs to deal with and live with. It is one of the features that is going to be implemented in most f2p mobile games as a way to support the game developer. Usually, these ads come at the end of each match or when you need a boost of gold or coin to speed up your game play.

There are still many players that are a little bit tired of ads coming in front of them unexpectedly while playing a game. A game developer, however, made a really cool way to implement mobile ads that make the game more interesting.

A game called DungeonXDungeon made by Korean developers implemented a trap that will force their players to watch ads when they come in contact with it. Trap is supposed to be annoying but this takes the annoyingness to another level.

This RPG game where you play as Hunter Luke to prevent the resurrection of the great evil gain massive popularity after some guys post this trap ad in Reddit. Most people are welcome by the creativeness of this dev and wants to check out what unique game that they make in the future.

If you are interested in the game, check out the link [here] for more information about dungeonxdungeon!

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