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Flappy Bird is the start of all indie games rage in Mobile. There is nothing more rage-inducing, watching the birds that flap around your screen hitting the Mario Wolrd pipe when they should definitely pass that pipe.

Now, if you are one of the victims of flappy bird, and wanted to see that little bird suffer as much as you did, i really suggest you to check out a game called “Flappy Crush” on your mobile phone.

Crush And Have fun with Flappy Birds!

Flappy crush gameplay is really simple. Crush all the birds that come in your way with a single click. There is nothing more satisfying then watching those little birds come and get crush by the huge pipe. There is no more silly sound when they hit the pipe. In fact, hitting the bird on the pipe is the goal of this game. If you are bad at flappy birds, then you will definitely be good at this game!

The game is pretty simple, simply tap the screen to close down the pipes and crush all the birds that are trying to go through the pipe. You can also use awesome power-ups to help you defeat all those annoying birds. There are also many different pipes that you can customize in this game, from the usual Mario pipes to a rainbow-colored one. You can also play with your friends in a 2 player game modes. The game is casual game with no internet connection or wifi required to play!

The game has almost an endless level with various difficulty each time. There are many customization that you can choose for crushing that little annoying birds of yours. The game is the perfect time killer, especially in quarantine. If you are interested in playing this game, try playing it on Android Google play now!

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