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Tigreal is getting a little bit to revamp on his skill and design overall. We all know him as the massive guys with swords and shields that can protect the weak marksman behind the line right?

Well, wrong! because in the next updates of Project NEXT by Moonton, Tigreal is going to have a design change to be a slim and slender guy with a mace to bash his enemies head and suck them to oblivion.

Tigreal revamps brings down a lot of his weight, the top picture is the old version with swords, while the bottom(literally) picture is the revamp by Moonton. This revamps will also change his skill effect, design, and skill combination.

Now, the users will be able to use flicker while channeling his ultimate, enabling him to pull and stuns his enemies easily in a team fight. His first skill also got a huge range buff, making it easier for him to slow down enemies while poking them with little damage that he has.

Back to the design, I am really sorry to say this, but IMO Tigreal looks pretty feminine after the updates. It feels like he hangs out with Lancelot a lot more and has done a lot of exploring in the advanced server with guys.

Now, he is dieting to makes way for his new lifestyle in the lands of boys. I know that most people welcome this change for him, but I personally like the old design better than this newer one. He looks a lot buffer and can shield more people which is literally his role as a tank rather than the new one.

But regardless it is just my opinion, but what do you guys think about this Tigreal design overall? Do you love it?

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