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Dragon Nest 2 by Tencent is one of the most anticipated mobile MMORPG game. It is because of the Dragon Nest name behind it. The popular Korean action MMORPG that is still going strong even after 10 years!

This is why many gamers are interested in Dragon Nest 2 that is going to be released on mobile. Especially, since Tencent is known for its high-quality mobile game.


Last week, Dragon Nest 2 has finally released, and the server is loaded by players around the world. Due to latency and ping issued, there are so little content that we can get for you guys.

This is the official sequel for the PC version of Dragon Nest that brings open world and dual genders for all of the classes that you can choose in the game. There are also dungeon hunting and open-world monster hunting in the game, and more feature is going to be expected soon after its release.

Like any other mobile games, you can auto-combat. However, due to the monster mechanic that requires you to dodge by using your skill, you won’t be able to do that since auto-combat can use skills not dodging.

The story line is very much different from the other mobile game “World of Dragon Nest” and the feel is pretty different too.

Well, what do you guys think? Do you like Dragon Nest 2 by Tencent more, or World of Dragon Nest?

Dragon Nest 2 by Tencent can be downloaded in QooApp, TapTap, and any Chinese Appstore. There isn’t any news regarding the global released, but based on the popularity of the game, I think that Dragon Nest is going to have it soon!

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