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Square Enix, one of the top leading game developers that is known for Final Fantasy series, recently announced their new gaming brand called the BALAN COMPANY. This new company is going to manage the distribution of Square Enix’s action game releases. It is made to bring internal and external action game developers together in one company.


The company is an action game brand that will release more of the Square Enix game project in the future – although it is still unknown what kind of games that they are going to develop in the future.

The official website simply feature a red curtain with a hat sitting on a stage, making it the brand company, with the text read: “Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the show of wonders brought to you by the Balan Company, we thank you for your patience while we make preparation for the grand opening”

If you are interested in the future product of the company and wanted to see more information stated by the website, be sure to drop by it.

Lastly, there is currently not known project started by the company or even Square Enix themselves. So stay tuned for more updates!

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