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After the release of Barts, the newest Dinosaurs rider of Mobile Legends Moonton will finally get a new hero that will be released in the Land of Dawn. The new hero that is going to be released is called Pronti with the role of Marksman that has a little bit of similarity with Moscow.

As stated in the image above, Pronti will have the role of marksman/assassins with reap and burst damage. This means that Pronti will have huge damage that is skill-based and high cooldown that can burst any enemies that is within his line of sight. Much like granger that mainly spam his first skill, Pronti is probably going to have the same skill effect based on his role only.

Based on the Mobile Legends hero release date, Pronti is going to be released on late July or Early August 2020 as the newest advance server hero after Barts the Dino Rider. What do you guys think about this new hero?

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