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Harvest Moon is one of the most anticipated games that are not only fun to play but also very calming. The idea of going to a farm to find a new life there is appealing to most people that lead a busy life in the city, and Harvest Moon is the game for that. However, even after looking for some time, there aren’t that many games like Harvest Moon, and it is even rare in mobile for both android and iOS. Thankfully, Mars Game recently released a new farming simulation game called Tour of Neverland on both android and iOS.


The storyline is basically the same, you are flown to farmland where you will need to socialize with other people and finish up some quest. You want to live the best farming life by becoming the best farmer in town.


Much like any online mobile game, Tour of Neverland implemented an energy system. However, the energy system is really unique, unlike other games, there is 2 system that complements each other, which are the energy and fullness. The energy level won’t increase by time, but you can increase it by yourself by eating something. Each food will give you different fullness and energy that you can use to work on your farm, and if you are full, you can’t eat anything anymore, hence you will need to wait for some time. Pretty realistic in my opinion. Each stuff you do will take 1 energy, and you will have more than 150 or more energy that will increase depending on your level.

There are various crops that you can plant in the game, from wheat to strawberry. Each crop will have different levels that will increase each time you farm crops or fruit. Levels will affect the price of your crops. The higher the level, the more pricy your crops are. There are also limited farmland that you can use to plants your crops, but it can be increased with your level. Each time you plant your crops, you will need to wait for some time to harvest the crops. The time needed will depend on the crops, the higher level crops will need more time, but you can immediately farm some crops like wheat and carrots since it only needs 2 minutes to farm.

Asides from crops, there are different types of animals that you can raise, such as chicken and cow. Each will need to be fed before they can produce something. The feed can be made by using the crops that you farm on your land.

There are various things that can be made in the game, and plenty of features like Cooking, Mining, Fishing, Foraging, to Gambling that can be explored in this game. But the best thing about this game is the community. Of course, you can play solo, but you can make a team with your friends to explore and do stuff together. You can also trade in the lobby “Literally there is a place called Lobby” where you can meet up with other players and chat to make some money by selling your stuff.


Amazingly, the graphic is good for your eyes. There is a High frame rate graphic settings that will make your game smoother. Also for those that are not blessed with a high spec phone, there are also low graphic settings that will take a little bit of processing power to make the game smoother and easier to play. Aside from that, the devs is trying to make an ultra graphic for high spec phone to make it more fun to play.


There is some hidden feature that is implemented in the Tour of Neverland that makes it more fun. For example, you can go around swimming in your island of paradise. You can also increase your affection with the residents of your island. A costume that will make you go in awe. Charging farming equipment much like harvest moon in the old days and many more. I have only play it for some time so there are limited things that I can explain.

My Thoughts on the game

Honestly, I am a bit skeptical of the game at first. I am the type of guy that judges the game first before playing it and thank god I at least give the game a chance. This game is perfect for those that want to play casually and love harvest moon game. The game has an energy feature but most of the time, your energy is full because of the time that you need to wait on each crop. Depends on your crop choice you can immediately harvest it, so the wait feature is not really a problem.

Also, you don’t need to invest your time in the game too much, because this is the combination of idle game and farming MMORPG game. Which is perfect for those that are working. Tour of Neverland is so much fun to play!

If you are interested in the game you can download and play it now on android and iOS!

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