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Minecraft, the most popular game on many platforms such as PC, PS4, Xbox One, PS3 to even a mobile have finally added one more platform where it can be played. Nobody… Even Mojang themselves, but a Youtuber made it so that it can run Minecraft…. on Minecraft. Yep, you read it right, a Youtuber made a mod that let you run Minecraft inside Minecraft itself.


With the name of Fundy, This YouTuber is able to run Windows desktop on Minecraft. He is able to replicate bunch of different programs from Browser, Paint, and lastly Minecraft by using a bunch of different blocks inside the game. The maximum FPS he is able to run is really low with a maximum of 20FPS. The Graphic quality is a bit broken since it is using the blocks that are implemented in the game to make each graphic.

Sadly, Fundy didn’t give us detailed information regarding which mod that he uses to make this works. Well, It is great content, and we really recommend that you subscribe to him since he is a smart guy, especially if you love Minecraft!

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