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It seems like steams is going to be a little lenient about their adult content policy. Well, after the successful release of a game called Ai Shoujou that got a huge positive response from the gamer. Steam is going to publish a game with Virtual Girlfriends as their genre called “Together BnB”. The game that is developed by AURORA Studio from Taiwan, is released on Steam with the status of TBA on the page.

Unlike most Virtual girlfriends that give you that 2D anime character, Together BnB will give you a more realistic 3D character that will smile at your awkwardness. No wonder since this game will take up most of your PC storage by 32GB, full of that graphic goodness. The gameplay of this virtual girlfriends is easy to understand. To do many different forms of “Activity” you will need to increase the girlfriend affection, so if you want a more romantic, physically involved activity, you will need to give her flowers and be a yes man. Pretty realistic right?


Anyway, with this game release, it seems like we can expect more “adult” content from Steam. If you are interested in the game, you can click down the link below to buy and download it!

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