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Devil May Cry Mobile is finally getting its second closed BETA test! The game is developed by a Chinese company called Yunchang Game. They already held its closed beta test some weeks ago, and the next one is going to be held later this month.


There are many changes that are going to be implemented in the next CBT. There is going to be a lower screen vibration intensity, and the skill tree system is going to be updated to the classic upgrade system that is found in the series. The camera angle will also be fixed, and there is going to be a function called Royal Guard, that is going to help you counter-attack in the game after being attacked.


Aside from that, in the CBT Trailer released by the devs, is Dante first boss Phantom (Spider), and a new character named “Frank”. Who he is and what he is going to do to the story is currently unknown.

Well, if you are interested in the game, stay tuned for more updates on Devil May Cry Mobile!

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