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We already made an article about Protti that is going the be the next OP marksman that will change the Granger marksman META, and it turns out to be true. In the recent advance server update, Mobile Legends has given us the skill of the newest marksman and it is terrifying!


As you can see in the video above, he is not a DPS hero but a skill-based hero that will deal massive damage to not one enemy but every enemy that he marks. His skills are:

  • Skill 1: [Abyss Impact] Protti launches a shock wave in the designated direction, dealing damage and inflicting Abyss Mark on enemies hit. As the shock wave travels, for each enemy it hits, it deals extra damage and applies additional stacks of Abyss Mark.
  • Skill 2: [Corrosive Strike] Protti dashes to an enemy, dealing damage, stunning the enemy, and inflicting Abyss Mark on the enemy. Upon hitting the target, he is able to move one more time in the movement direction.
  • Ultimate: [Torn-Apart Memory] Protti locks on all the targets within 7 yards, dealing damage to the target according to the stack number of Abyss Mark the target has. All Abyss Marks on the target will be reset.
  • Passive: [Abyss Corrosion] Protti is able to move while channeling, at the cost of having longer channeling time and lower Attack Speed bonus. Each Basic Attack slows the enemy and inflicts 1 stack of Abyss Mark on the enemy, capped at 5 stacks, Each stack of the abyss will increase Protti Critical chance against the target. Every time Pronti hits the target with critical hits, he gains extra movement speed.

He is more annoying than Granger in my opinion. He got stun, slow, and damage to boot. And the worst part is that each time she put a mark on his enemies, and use his ultimate, he can deal massive damage and one-shot them.

Blood Lust axe is definitely one of his core items, and Berseker Fury, because he will gain more movement speed with each critical hits that he use.

Protti is like the combination of Granger, Bruno, and Wan – Wan at the same time!

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