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Project NEXT is the newest Mobile Legends project that will increase its player’s overall gameplay experience. This update has been teased by Moonton over the past few weeks, where players are going to get increased performance, balanced gameplay, and many others. One of the most waited updates however is the Revamp update that will change most old heroes into a good one.

Some heroes that are going to get the reworks are Eudora, Miya, Layla, Alucard, and also Zilong. The revamp will give them a massive power boost to compete with the current META while maintaining the core of all their hero usage from the previous post-revamp. For example, Eudora will have a massive boost in poke damage and crowd control skills, Miya will have more versatile damage depending on her equipment, Layla that will get a massive damage boost based on her range, and Alucard that will still depend on his life steal ability.

Aside from that, Moonton will also give us a little bit of system adjustment that will make discipline AFK players, and balance the matchmaking system for more balanced gameplay. Players in the next update will have a reduced 80% chance of matchmaking with other players with 1 rank above or below. They will now get into a match with the same people of the same rank for better gameplay experience.

This update is going live soon . So if you haven’t, you might want to wait for a little while to play Mobile Legends!

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