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Recently, Dead by Daylight released a midchapter update that nerfs Hillbilly the hunter and buffs Canibal. But that update also changes the aura system of the game, making it dimmer than the previous updates. This update makes it harder for both killer and survivor to see the aura of one another.

Perks like Barbeque and Chilly, Bond, Kindred, and even Empathy has little to no use because of this update. Of course you can still see it, which is no problem for most peoples, but for those that have a disability, this is a big updates that hinders their play style.

On one of the AMA of the official Dead by Daylight Facebook post, A player named Andre Tikkanen said that he got a big problem after the aura update. He said that he is a deaf person that is playing the game using visual hints such as spine chill, bond, kindred, and ETC.

This perks usually compensated for the fact that he can’t use the audio hints. However, after the aura changes, the visual hint which is his main source of accessibility to play the game is reduced, he loses almost every game and dropping his rank.

Previously, he can rank up to 6th rank from 20 (if you haven’t played Dead by Daylight, Rank 1 is the top) which is pretty good considering the disadvantages.

Dead by Daylight

Hopefully, after this comments, Dead by Daylight community will be able to changes and updates their game for disabled people to play the game since this game has so much potential after its first release in 2016.

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