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First of all, I take no credit for the english patch, and all of the credit goes to the developer or translator that took their time for making this patch update. With this article, we hope to give some credits to the translator because they have really help me play Ragnarok Origin, and make this game a lot more enjoyable to play.

How to use the English Patch:

  • Download Ragnarok Origin [QooApp] & [TapTap].
  • Update The game first by using this method [Here].
  • Download the English Patch App [Here].
  • Open the App.
  • Download the Patch on the app.
  • Install The Patch on the app.
  • Play Ragnarok Origin.

Do note that this patch won’t necessarily give you the translation on the news feed of Ragnarok Origin but will translate most content. UI including skills description and Quest.

Each Ragnarok Origin Update might take a little while for the translator to translate the newest content, so you will need to wait.

If you are helped by this English patch, then please support the translator because they have given us so much with just this English patch.

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