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Ragnarok Origin is probably one of the most seek android games on mobile currently. What’s not to love, the original classic MMORPG is finally coming to mobile with the same feel except for the control and some added feature that as part of the change to mobile.

However, much like a typical grinding game, an MMORPG game like Ragnarok Origin will require more attention than any other mobile game. Of course, this means that players will have to spend almost all of their time playing with their phones. However, not everyone is capable of doing so, so they resort to using an emulator to play the game. If you are one of these people, here are some methods for playing mobile MMORPG games on PC.

How to Play Mobile MMORPG Game on PC?

1. Download Android Emulator on PC

Here we recommend you to our most favourite lightweight Emulator which is the LD Players. LD player is probably one of the best. LDPlayer has many features that can help you play the game much more easily without any problem. Added with constant bug fix updates, the emulator is one of the best currently.


2. Download the MMORPG Game APK

This time we will be using Ragnarok Origin as an example. Head to their Ragnarok Origin Website and download the APK that you had found. You can also download the APK on another trustworthy websites such as TapTap and APKPure depending on your preference. Here we had found that Ragnarok Origin (English) Not Official had their own website that enables you to download their APK on ROM.Land

Tap the get it on Google Play, and then sign up to download the APK for free.

3. Drag and Drop the APK to LDPLayer

Installed LDPlayers can be opened, and then you could drag the APK that you had downloaded to the emulator for it to install immediately. You can then set it up after downloading the update.

How to customize the control:

  • First of all, click on the keyboard icon that is available on the right side of the LDPlayer
  • After clicking the keyboard icon, there is going to be some button that you can choose in the emulator. One of which is the move buttons that looks like Joystick, and the other will let you do a tapping motion by clicking your keyboard.

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