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Squid Game is honestly pretty popular nowadays. The popular aspect of battle royale added with an emotional storyline is what makes this series so popular. It is not surprising that some developers decided to make this series into a game. There has been many ‘Squid Game’ games being released online, even fall guys are making their own version of Squid game. So if you are interested in the gameplay, here are some of the best Squid Game game on Android 2021.

1. Squid Game 3D

Simple Squid game where players will need to stop at the time where the doll sees you, and continue when the doll is facing the other ways. The game uses the similar model to the original Squid Game on Netflix so it is pretty easy to understand if you had seen the series.


2. Mod Squid Game For Minecraft PE

Squid game for minecraft player. The skin is available for Minecraft Bedrock Edition, where players can choose to play solo or multiplayer depending on their mood. The game is automatically installed, and you can use it to play the custom map.


3. Squid Game Battle

Red light and green light game, where players will be able to play as a squid game character in Squid Game. The game is easy to understand where you will need to stop at red light, and move at green light. Players that fail to follow the rules is going to get killed. Can you fight for the win?


4. Squid Games : The Runner Game

Squid Games is ready to shoot according to the red green shooting light. Are You Squid Game Lovers? Your Favorite squid game is here.Knock Down your competitors in the squid game. Enjoy Real Fun Of Squid Game by following the instruction and don’t be late else you are dead. If you want to get prizes don’t be eliminated from squid game Challenge.


5. Squid Game Mobile Challenge

Red Green Squid Mobile Challenge where you will play in a death game. The game is simple and much like any other game above tells you to move on green light and pause at red light. The game is very easy to understand with different challenge and modes inside the game. Sadly there hasn’t been multiplayer setting in the game yet and you will need to wait before the feature is released.


6. Squid Game Fighting

Inspired by classic 3d fighting squid game the game is unlike many other. Players will be able to play as character in the game, fight against each other to win the game. The game is easy with intuitive control. This is a breath of fresh air aside from the usual squid game red and green light challenge.


7. Squid Game Challenges 3D

In this new game “Squid Challenges 3D – The Game”, you can become the winner in survival games and win money. There are several mini-games in the game. Such as “Red Light and Green Light” is a game in which you have to run to the red line in order to win, but you also need to stop when the doll looks at you in order not to get out of the game. Run to survive.


There you have it, some of the best Squid Game game in android that you can download and play for free. There is some unique game available above, and hopefully, the game above will be able to sate your desire to play the Squid Game.

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