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Free fire is becoming one of the most popular mobile games in 2020. Challenging gameplay, cool graphics with huge features that let players get hook in the game are some of the reasons why peoples play Free Fire. So, if you are interested in Free Fire, and wanted to find a similar game with the same feel, then definitely check out this list below!



Welcome to the brand new RULES OF SURVIVAL arena, where the deathmatch has now been raised to a thrilling epic scale! This is a Battle Royale game now played by over 280 million people worldwide. May we present you with a fully upgraded new 8×8 km map that allows 300 players to battle on a wide variety of terrains. Only one will survive! Beware, your safe zone is shrinking! So collect scattered weapons, arm yourself to the teeth, and wield your tactics like no other. Alert !!! It is not just any survival game. You will re-write the RULES OF SURVIVAL! Come embark on a world-class battle royale NOW!


2. Eclipse Isle


As a first of its kind Anime Style Hero Battle Royale Game, Eclipse Isle will bring you a brand new gaming experience. As for experiencing both “Battle Royale” and “Multiple Heroes” in the game, players can choose different heroes, search for ores to get weapons and skills and equip themselves to fight on the Isle. Under the crisis of continuous erosion of solar eclipse, Players can use a diverse set of skills and strategies to stand out from 60 competitors and be the winner to save the world.


3. Super Mecha Champions


On your marks, set, go! SMC players from all over the world have descended upon a futuristic city to battle with marvelous Mecha! Unleash your Mecha and fight for the crown you deserve! Super Mecha Champion is a mobile Battle Royale game. If you love games like FortnitePUBG, or even Free Fire then you will definitely love this one. The game has a lot of similarities with those games, where you will be flown to an island. On that island there will be 100 players competing against each other and killing one another to be the best. You can make a team of 2 or 4 people to win the game. But there is an added feature that can be explored unlike other battle royale games, which is the ability to summon a huge robot, that can then be used to kill your enemies. There is also a robot plan that you can build inside the game that can help you further.


4. Knives Out


Knives out is one of the most creative battle royale games with many modes that you can choose from. Much like any other 100 players on island battle royale Free fire like game, players will be able to roam around an island that is going to be smaler and smaler each minutes, you can choose game modes such as 50 vs 50 sniper modes, or the usual survive until the end battle royale mode.


5. Call of Duty®: Mobile – Garena


The game is made in collaboration with 3 companies, Activision, Tencent, and Garena. They promise a new high-quality graphic, multiple game modes, and smooth gameplay. We can expect tons of fun that will be included in the game. Currently, there are 2 modes that are known, the Team Death Match, and the Search and Destroy mode. Apart from that, there is also a battle royale mode where players will be given the ability to roam around and kill others in a 100 man island. Collect all of the stuff that you can and then destroy the other!


6. Creative Destruction


Creative Destruction is a sandbox survival game that features the utmost fun of building and firing. In the mood for a heart-stirring showdown? You will parachute into a vast battlefield where 100-player deathmatch is raging. Outplay your way to be the last one standing. Build the best, break the rest! Jump straight in this do-or-die battle where you can wield creative weapons, race against snowstorms, and unleash your inner beast. Varied gameplay modes, weather, and time systems bring a new level of hectic fun. Whether you fight like a lone wolf or team up, there are always surprises waiting to be explored!


7. Rocket Royale


Rocket Royale is one of a kind Battle Royale game, the main goal is to build a Rocket and fly away from the island! To do this you need to find crafting resources from falling meteors. Of course other players will want to hijack your rocket, so defend it! Collect wood and Build a Fort to defend your positions. The unique battle royale game reveals a lot of tactics by crafting and building covers around you! 100% destructible environment, every building can be destroyed or dismantled! Rocket Rocket Royale has no parachutes or shrinking dead zones, but you can use portals to navigate your way around the island instead.


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