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As an Android fan, I have never had any complaints about Apple users except for its ability to easily transfer data to another apple users easily by using AirDrops. After a long period of time, Google has finally released the same feature called Nearby Share. Although first rumored to be called ‘Fast Share’, Google later change its name to Nearby Share at today’s announcement.


Before, there are messaging app, or another dedicated file sharing app that you can use to share the files. However, in some of the apps available in the Google Play store, you will need to go through steps and set up your wifi to share the files that you want to send with the other person. With Nearby Share, however, you will cut down the time needed to share a file significantly.

If you want to share a file or image in these apps, you only need to click tap on the share icon on any files or images that you want to share, then select ‘Nearby’ and then your phone will automatically locate other devices that are open to sharing them. The person that is receiving the content only needs to accept the image or file that you have sent.

Interestingly, this feature can be used both online and offline by using Bluetooth, or Wifi Connection depending on the feature that your phone has. Additionally, because Google themselves said that they want to prioritize their user’s security, they have implemented a security system in which both the sender and the receiver contact information that are using this feature is going to be fully encrypted, and let you pick when you want your information to be available for the other person at your choosing.

With this feature, you don’t need another additional app that takes both phones, and data packets unknowingly. Hopefully, this feature will be able to help you in day to day life!

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