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Natalia Nerfs, META no more!

There is bad news for Natalia users. Because Moonton decided to nerf this OP character in the next few patch updates. Natalia is one of the most OP heroes that have the highest banned rate in Mobile Legends.

Mainly because of her ability to deal with massive burst damage and almost one hit any marksman that stands in her path. The worst is her ability that could silence her enemies especially mage to kill them easily. Sadly on the next patch updates, Natalia will get a nerf.

As an assassin, Natalia has high mobility, high burst damage, basic attack immunity, and lastly silence ability that is so annoying to deal with for every hero.

Which is why Moonton decides to balance this hero by removing the silence effect in this patch. This means that role like Mage that is easily killed by Natalia can now fight back using their massive burst damage. Hero likes Eudora, and Aurora now stands a chance with Natalia.

But don’t worry Natalia Users, because Moonton also decides to buff the early game damage of her enhanced basic attack from 270+80% to 400+120% which is almost twice the damage. This will help her deal poke damage in the early game, considering most heroes only have around 2000 health max at the start of the game. (We love Moonton for that don’t you). Slow effect buff from 30% to 60%.

So this might be a balance patch buff but we can only hope that the Natalia META or banned won’t be happening after this patch updates.

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