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After a hectic day at work and drama around your friends, you might want to chill out and relax your tired self from all that is happening with your life. You can meditate, listen to some music, and maybe play some games. So here, roonby will give you some of the best Android games that will help you calm your minds. Check it out!

1. Puzzle Aquarium


Puzzle Aquarium is a one-of a-kind puzzle game! Welcome to Puzzle Aquarium! Is this your first time here? Experience an aquarium like never before! Solve puzzles with cute fish and decorate an aquarium of your own! Decorate an aquarium for your adorable fish while playing 12 kinds of puzzles. Feed, play and watch new fish families form. Come on in, have fun in the aquarium with your cute fish friends!


2. Sailor Cats


Ahoy, Captain! 😀 Do you need some chill out time? Wanna play a relaxing but super fun adventure game and collect lots of cute and nerdy things? Great! But careful! Because this little felines with frisky paws will steal and melt your heart in a blink! Help your lonely fisher cat on its fishing adventure through becoming the most kawaii pirate in the seven seas! Find furry friends to join its happy fleet, collect rare treasures, and discover a-meow-zing new worlds full of crazy creatures and paw-some boats!


3. Kawaii Kitchen


Kawaii Kitchen is an original super cute cooking game for all the burger – and cats – lovers out there! With tons of cute stuff and cute workers that will make your foods, this cute little game will melt and calm your hearts with every meow that they make!


4. Puppy Town

Merge your puppies to earn money and build your puppy town. Ever wanted to own your puppy? Here are all kinds of cute puppies. You can connect to merge and discover cuter ones. Come and collect them all~ Get Labrador Retriever, French Bulldog, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Beagle, Rottweiler, Yorkshire terrier, Border collie, Poodle, German shorthaired pointer, Boxer and lots more! Have a good time with your puppies


5. Rilakkuma Farm

Some urgent business has come up, so I’m going to have to leave this farm for a while. So it is to you, who found this letter, that I leave this farm. But do not worry! I have summarized how to take care of this farm in this letter. If you run the farm well, you’ll have all the treats you can eat. With that, Rilakkuma and friends’ farm life began! This is a cute relaxing farming games with cute animals that you can take care inside the game. If you like the mascot, and simulation game, this is your choice!


6. AntiStress, Relaxing, Anxiety & Stress Relief Game

Have you ever thought about relaxing game to release stress in minutes? If your answer is in Yes! Then you are at the right forum of endless calming games and relaxing games. You have been gone through many anti- stress games 2020 but let us assure you that these are the best endless anxiety relief games for the mind freshness.


7. Loner


LONER tells the story of a lonely journey of a pilot, in the journey, you would understand his past and his pursuit.’ Loneliness is a kind of beauty, a quiet experience.’ LONER is a very simple game, no attributes, no upgrade, or even no score, what it wants to bring you, is only purely tranquillity and loneliness.


Games are supposed to makes you feel well and good, calm and collected, and happy. Which is why we have given you this game list that will help you do just that. That is some of the best android games that you need to check out this month, See other game recommendation that we have given you in our site, thank you for reading have a nice day!

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