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Khaleed is one of the newest hero in Mobile Legends. Interestingly enough, there are still many people that didn’t know about this hero. Which is why, today we will give you some of the facts about Khaleed, the sand Prince that you didn’t know. Check out this article below!

1. He is from Agetla Drylands

Mobile Legends has many lores that their players can read. These lores will usually gives us a little to more information regarding this character and why he fights in the land of dawn. Interestingly enough, Khaleed is one of the fighters in the Agetla Drylands, which is the desert in Mobile Legends lore. Which is not surprising considering his ability and clothing choice

2. Khaleed means Immortality

In Arabic, Khaleed which is the abbreviation from Khalid/Khaled means Immortality. Which is interesting, since he has an ability to regenerate his health whenever he wants to increase his chance of survival than the other Fighter heroes.

3. a fighter that has the quickest movement speed

Khaleed is probably one of the most mobile fighters in the history of Mobile Legends. Even with his own speed without anything, he already has around 250 movement speed points, with boots, it will be increased for 300 points, added with his passive ability to increase his movement speed by 30%, he will get 345 points to roam around the map.

4. Khaleed X Khufra X Moscov

If you had played Khufra, then you will definitely know that Khufra, but did you know that Khaleed and Moscov has actually met one another. The lore stated that, at some point, Khaleed the prince of Artha clan, actually met and bonded with Moscov, the prince of Wildsand Clans. Both prince are fighting and banding together in order to fight the tyrant Khufra for his reign to conquer the western deserts. The lore is actually pretty good, you can see the full story [here]

So what do you think about this hero? Do you like using him? Or is he just like another hero that is overhyped by some YouTubers, that when you are using him he is no use at all?

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