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RPG is one of the most popular game genres, it usually consists in the world of might and magic, where players will be able to choose their own character with jobs and classes to explore the world. There is going to be monster that you can defeat and quest that you need to complete. This genre is so much fun, especially if you are looking for a way to past your time especially during corona.

Today, we will give you guys, some of the best android RPG games that you can play on your phone for free now. Check out this list below!

1. Moonrise Arena

Moonrise Arena is a hardcore game that was created by two indie developers in nostalgic pixel style. In this action RPG game, you can get acquainted with 2 characters – Alice and Godric. Every one of them has unique skills, game mechanics, and features. The homeland of the game heroes was invaded by undead creatures and demons. Now they have to become stronger and clean the country from invaders. There are lots of possibilities to make your character stronger. There are 8 types and 7 rarities of equipment. You can make slots in your armor and place gems in there, also you can combine several gems of one type to get an upgraded one. The smith in the town will gladly enchant and reforge your armor that will make it even better.


2. Minimal Dungeon RPG

Deep in the valley of Casa, you emerge in a dazzling light. The monsters feel something inside you; they fear it and want to kill you. But, who are you? You just know that your very survival depends on how well you wield a weapon. You’re about to experience the essence of your favorite RPGs presented in a simplified, minimalist way perfect for mobile play. Quests, monsters, NPCs, treasure chests and plenty of surprises await! Explore dungeons, loot anything not nailed down and do some gathering and fishing, right before taking down a nightmarish boss. If you dare. Rediscover the joy of classic RPGs in a brand new format.


3. Slime RPG

One of the best and simplest RPG games, Your goal in this game is pretty easy to understand which is to hunt Slime. This game has a little similarity to the classic maple story game, with the 2D side scrolling and the skill system. You will play as a white hero, you can grow stronger with various items that can be find on your hunt. Are you up for the challenge?


4. Duels RPG

Get ready to battle fantasy monsters, solve dungeon quests and hoard loot in this text based medievel CYOA RPG game! Paladins, mages, assassins, warriors gather for adventure! Will you solve the mystery story of Duels RPG? Duels RPG offers something which very few games offer these days. You actually have to think, instead of mindless tapping.


5. Micro RPG

Monsters have invaded the kingdom taking advantage of the knights vacation! Crafty! Only Theobald, a small peasant without a story, can save the country! Change your spade for a sword and become a legend! Micro RPG is a turn-based game combining reflex, strategy and luck. A missed target or a wrong choice can be fatal!


6. Powerlust

During your studies as an Apprentice at the University of Magic, you’ve stumbled upon a powerful stone that greatly increased your magical powers. Blazing through the semester with ease, you’ve discovered a deep, insatiable hunger inside of you. Knowing that slaying the dark creatures in the ancient crypt nearby will make you even stronger, you’ve decided to use your newly found powers to satiate your lust for power. Powerlust is an action rpg roguelike with dark and creepy atmosphere.


7. Moonshades

Moonshades is a dungeon crawler role playing game, to restore the immersive atmosphere and experience of the old-school RPG’s. Recall the fun of the classic RPG games inspired by dungeons and dragons – embedded in 3D surroundings with a deep, captivating story. Discover an enigmatic realm loaded with ancient magic and myths – grand legends are reborn as you venture into this offline role playing game!


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